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Floss Sugar and Concentrate

Floss Sugar and Concentrate

Floss Sugar

Each ready to use carton of cotton candy mix can make approximately 60 to 70 cones.  The weight of the carton is 52oz. or 3.25 lb.  You have the option of choosing from the following 11 different floss sugar flavors: 

Blue Raspberry, Orange, Pink Bubble Gum, Pink Vanilla, Red Cherry, Strawberry, Purple Grape, Yellow Pina Colada, Lime Green, Watermelon, Mint Green

This sugar is not too fine and not too coarse allowing for you to make the perfect cotton candy.  If you follow our simple easy directions previously stated in our manual, you should not have any trouble making this mouth-watering candy. 

Cotton Candy Flosskoop 

Specially designed stainless steel scoop makes it easy to feed your mixed Flossugar into the spinner-head. Tapered-holds over a pound of sugar. Try one today! 


Great Floss Concentrate 

Each concentrate is stored into 16 ounce or 1 pound resealable tubs.  In order to make your own floss sugar, just combine either 1 to 2 tablespoons of concentrate to 10 pounds of either cane or beet sugar.  For best results, mix thoroughly and do not use too much great floss concentrate.  You have the option from choosing from the following ten great floss concentrates:

Blue Raspberry, Orange, Pink Bubble Gum, Pink Vanilla, Red Cherry, Strawberry, Purple Grape, Yellow Pina Colada, Watermelon, Mint Green

In order to make your preferred floss sugar from our concentrates, we recommend that you experiment with the ingredients before you make your cotton candy.  You may find that you only need to use 1 tablespoon per 10 pounds of sugar, or you may find that you need to use more or less tablespoons per 10 pounds of sugar.  Use what you like best or prefer, and stick with your own recipe regardless of what other competitors are using!  Their recipe could be different than yours due the products or machine that they are using.




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