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How Cotton Candy is Made

How Cotton Candy is Made?

        The process first involves the sugar melting into a liquid form that is spun inside of the cotton candy machine.  Next, the machine forces the liquid state of the candy through small holes that shape and then cool the liquid sugar.  When it finally cools, the sugar changes back from a liquid state to a solid state where it can be collected and served on a stick waiting for you to indulge this tasty treat!

Directions on how to Create Cotton Candy

        Like any thing else, practice makes perfect.  The more you practice making cotton candy the better your finished product will be.  If you follow these simple and easy directions, you should not have any problems with making it.  Any age can make this enjoyable treat, however we do suggest adult supervision when children under the age of 18 operate a cotton candy machine.  We do advise that you practice making the cotton candy a couple of days before you plan on serving this at your next get-together or fundraiser event so that you can get the feel of how to make it.  After practicing, you may realize that you need other supplies or you may learn do’s and don’ts that will allow you to make a better product.  If you do not own a machine, your first step is to buy one from us at where we will be more than happy to assist you, or you may rent one from your local restaurant supply store or rental store.  Here are ten simple directions that we hope will help make your cotton candy a hit!

  1. Use a clean, damp cloth to moisten the inner part of the floss pan, which enables the floss to stick to the pan
  2. Observe the direction that the floss is spinning off of the floss head
  3. Alter the floaters which are located on top of the spinner head

-Up for more lift

-Down for less lift


  1. Grab the cone at the pointed end and hold it an inch or two between your thumb and two fingers
  2. Use a light flicking motion to break into the web of floss
  3. Hold up the cone that should have a ring of floss attached to it and wind the floss onto the cone; Use a clean, damp sponge to brush the cone if the floss does not appear to stick to the cone
  4. Important:  Only roll floss on outside of pan
  5. In order to make a larger web, use a “figure-8” motion to turn the ring of floss onto the cone; once you have become an expert, you might want to lift the ring of the floss out of the pan with just a flick of the wrist
  6. At last, either enjoy or sell your mouth-watering treat!



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