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Which Cotton Candy Machine is right for you

Which Cotton Candy Machine is best for you?

Too many choices? Can't decide on which type of machine you need?  Need some assistance?  We are here to help!

Your cotton candy machine will be the lifeline to your business or to any event you are having.  Without a quality cotton candy maker, your business cannot survive and your event will not be successful!  We offer a large variety of cotton candy machines that will meet the heavy demands of any cotton candy business or occasion you may be planning.  All of our machines are made with the highest standards to provide years of durability and service. 

At, we offer 20 different cotton candy makers, and have divided the machines into 4 different categories.  Having trouble deciding whether or not you need an entry level, high output, a machine without ribbons, or a two color machine?    If this is the case, please read and review the information below to help you choose the cotton candy machine that is best for you.  Then scroll to the bottom and click on your desired link to see your options.

Be sure to check out the Info Section where you will find additional cotton candy information on the following topics:

  • History of Cotton Candy

  • How Cotton Candy is Made?

  • Tips and Suggestions

  • Profitability and Cost

  • Nutritional Information

Entry Level Cotton Candy Machines

These machines are for the home user, schools, booster clubs, civic organizations, rental stores, children or block parties, ball parks, small concessionaries, or other locations that do not require continuous production of cotton candy.  With these machines, you may produce any where from 1 to 4 servings a minute.  These makers  are 120 Volts and will plug into any standard wall socket.

High Output Cotton Candy Machines

High output machines are used by skilled and professional operators who need continuous production of cotton candy.  These type of cotton candy makers are popular among large amusement parks and concession companies, stadiums, arenas, department stores, festivals, or other large venues who need nonstop production of cotton candy in a short amount of time.  On average, these machines can produce between 4 to 7 servings per minute.  Due to the high output on these machines, electrical requirements on these makers may vary so please check your electrical availability before ordering.

Cotton Candy Machines without Ribbons

We offer 5 machines without ribbons that are built with heating elements instead of ribbons and bands.  Since there are no ribbons or bands, these machines are easier to clean, use and are maintenance free.  In addition, these machines will not clog as often, have a tendency to produce a fluffier final product, and are more efficient.  These machines may produce between 2 to 6 servings per minute.  Cotton candy machines without ribbons that produce between 2 to 4 servings per minute would be considered an entry level machine, and any machine that produces 4 or more servings per minute would be classified as a high output machine.

Two Color Output Cotton Candy Machine

The #3019 Twin Wind Two Color Output will allow you to be creative and make cotton candy with two colors!  This machine will help increase your business by allowing you to sell large amounts of the two color bags of candy floss.  These bags will definitely out sell any one color bags!  This maker has two spinning sugar compartments - each feeds its own heating element consecutively.  Machine can produce 3 servings per minute.

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